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Muay Thai Fitness Welcomes You

Training program is dynamic, motivating and refreshing. Muay This Fitness is a great way to expand your teaching skill sets. Start teaching this High Intensity Interval based class that features the BEST of Muay Thai!

  • Experience More Martial Magic
  • Evolve Beyond Just Cardio - Kickboxing
  • Give Clients More Than Endless Bag Drills
Become Certified as a Muay Thai Fitness Instructor
and Diversify Your Skill Set!

This Muay Thai Certification is catered to the fitness professional who is eager to bring dynamic and explosive muay thai drills to their members in a non-contact group fitness class. Punching and kicking offers the best workout and a fun cross-training experience. This program combines the 3 most popular worldwide fitness trends according the ACSM - High Intensity Interval Training Body Weight Exercise and Education Professionals.

Muay Thai Fitness Certification

  • The Muay Thai Training Program offers a 4 hour certification
  • Considers the National group fitness
  • Accommodates the fitness-minded member
  • Teaches how to cue and communicate all movements
  • Presents the best techniques for a fitness driven format in biomechanical terms
  • Offers templates for teaching that work in several training environments
  • Offers templates that reflect a mixture of different types of truing equipment
  • Teaches you how to safely perform Thai styled kicks, punches, knees & elbows with Revgear's equipment
  • Educates you how to organize all size classes & lead them through the workouts using the safest muay thai drills
  • Trains its participants on how to teach all the strikes & kicks in a progressive manner
  • Provides explosive interval workouts for all levels of fitness

Goal of Muay Thai Fitness Instructors

To be cognitive and thoughtful of the muay thai techniques when leading a class that incorporates the techniques presented in this program. Additionally, to lead classes that are mindful of the participants' abilities so they will experience a safe workout using and practicing the correct form of the basic muay thai movements presented in this program.

The Class Culture

Some might think it is not relevant to discuss the culture of the Muay Thai Fitness class since it is only one class modality being inserted into a school or gym. Most training environments have their own culture that has been created by the school or gym owner. However, Muay Thai Fitness has its own mission and with that comes a culture that needs to be congruent with the existing culture and style of the gym or school where it is offered.

Muay Thai Fitness is intended to be a an entry level training program. It must be welcoming and offer an anyone-can-do-it type of energy. This entry level training program is not a watered-down version of muay thai, just a simplified version of the sport of muay thai. Muay Thai Fitness eliminates the contact and the intimidation.

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